Swan Hill – Fruitless Olive Trees

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Swan Hill Fruitless Olive Tree

If you prefer to avoid the frustrations of stained stonework, wood decking or hardwood flooring, and the expense associated with seasonal spraying to limit fruit production, you should consider planting fruitless olive trees.

The Swan Hill fruitless olive tree has quickly gained popularity. Its attractive foliage and form are enhanced by its absence of fruit, making its use in entryways and other high foot-traffic areas a plus. After all, olives are best in martinis, on pizza, or enjoyed at the table one by one.
Ask us about fruitless olive trees; they provide all the beauty but none of the mess! We can be reached at 707-732-6152.

The growth rate of the non-fruiting Swan Hill Olive is considered to be “moderate” and can be planted in both lawn and desert-adapted landscape designs. Generally, a Swan Hill does not tolerate saturated soils, especially within the first 6 to 12 months following transplanting. Be sure to keep the area under the tree (out to the drip line) clear of grass when planting on a lawn. Similarly, the area beneath the drip line should not be overseeded with winter rye grass for 6 to 12 months following transplantation.

Another excellent choice for this tree is around picnic and swimming pool areas. Since there is no fruit to worry about, the mess associated with olive trees is eliminated, and with maturity, it will produce a fantastic canopy for those hot days when you need some shade.

The absence of fruit production in the Swan Hill Olive means the tree can use all of the nutrients, energy, and water for upward and outward vegetative growth all year, every year. It is not unusual to see an average growth rate of two feet plus per year under ideal conditions within the first 10 years following planting.

Carefully pruned multiple trunk Swan Hill Olives usually reach a mature height of 30 feet by 20-30 feet wide. Under ideal conditions, they can easily grow to 35 feet tall by 30 feet wide in 10-15 years following planting (depending upon the original box size and climate in the area the tree is planted).

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Photos of our Swan Hill Olive Trees (plus a few other varieties)