Picholine Du Gard Olive Trees

Picholine Du Gard olive trees thrive in Mediterranean conditions and has a delicious flavor that is distinctively its own. It comes from the southern French regions of Collias and Gard and has a fruity flavor with a subtle peppery undertone. This is a high-yielding tree with a distinctive taste that is well worth growing. Only the dazzling side of its green drupe comes close to matching it. Finally, it must be allowed to blacken for two months after the harvest before running in the mill press.

  • Fruiting Specimen
  • Bloom (Summer)
  • Slow Growth
  • Color (Gray-Green)
  • Olive Oil (Very Stable)
  • Landscape and Commercial

Care and Maintenance

Picholine Du Gard olive trees are exceedingly versatile and thrive in ordinary well-drained, slightly alkaline, soils. Just water profoundly and often over the first few growing seasons to help the plant build a strong root system. Once established, lessen the frequency of application; it is drought tolerant. Yet, protect young or freshly transplanted plants from winter weather extremes.

Quick Facts
Origin Morocco
Scientific Name Olea Europaea ‘ Picholine Du Gard’
Family Oleaceae
Tree Type Fruiting Specimen
Common Names The Olive Tree, Olea Europaea, Picholine Du Gard
Height (Insert)
Toxicity Non Toxic
Light Full Sun
Watering Drought-Tolerant
Soil Well-Drained-Nutrient Poor Soil
Hardiness Hardy Down 10 to 20 °F
Foliage Gray-Green
Growth Slow
Olive Oil Very Stable

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