Fruitless Olive Trees for sale on a farm in Sonoma

Jul 2024 Tree Sale! New fruitless and fruiting olive trees have arrived. Contact us for pricing.

Olive Trees For Sale. Sold From California.

Swan Hill Fruitless Olive Trees & Fruiting

We offer a wide variety of olive tree varieties, including the highly popular Swan Hill fruitless olive tree. So if olive trees are an important element of your landscape design then call the Olive Tree Farm today for helpful assistance in selecting the right tree for your project. We’ll help you overcome the obstacles and challenges of insuring that the correct tree is chosen for the right location.

For Contractors

Selecting, transporting and installing trees without a precise plan and within a well-coordinated time frame will create added cost and frustration for everyone involved. The Olive Tree Farm will work closely with you to develop a complete plan and select, deliver and install olive trees best suited for the specifications you and your clients require.

For Developers

When landscaping is planned and executed utilizing natural topography, selecting trees well adapted to the specific climate and conditions, and choosing varieties best suited to the site and upkeep requirements, buyers will be enticed by the drama and stately form that are the hallmark of olive trees and the benefits of well-planned site design.

Please call the Olive Tree Farm at 707-732-6152. We’re often out irrigating the nursery or speaking with customers; if you don’t reach us, please leave us a message and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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“In March 2021 we used Olive Tree Farm Sonoma to relocate 188 trees and we were very pleased with the level of experience and professionalism they displayed. Not only were they able to move all 188 trees but we have maintained 100% take on all transplanted trees. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a trustworthy and hardworking company to assist with any project they may have.”

Paul Manuel
Owner, Chacewater Inc.

Recent photos of our fruiting and Swan Hill fruitless olive trees: