Majestic Beauty Olive Trees

With a sophisticated aspect to the high, open crown of this excellent evergreen patio or garden tree that does not produce untidy mature fruit, the Majestic Beauty olive trees are a popular choice among gardeners. Its thin, long gray-green leaves give it a light, airy look that flourishes in hot climates. Since there is no fruit to drop, it may be used near sidewalks, roadways, pools, and inside the garden, without creating a mess. A Mediterranean-style garden with heat-loving cypress, grapevines, roses, and fruit trees is a fantastic addition to the landscape.

Combining it with a selection of delicate succulents and bold-leaved plants such as Yucca, Phormium, Cordyline, or Agave and a contemporary architectural house or office will allow you to take advantage of its adaptability. Majestic Beauty is characterized by an upright growth habit and a wide, open canopy, making it an excellent choice for parking lots and pedestrian areas.

  • Non-Fruiting Specimen
  • Bloom (Summer)
  • Slow Rounded Growth
  • Color (Gray-Green)
  • Olive Oil (None)
  • Landscape Use

Care and Maintenance

Majestic Beauty olive trees are exceedingly versatile and thrive in ordinary, slightly alkaline, well-drained soils. Water deeply and often over the first few growing seasons to help the plant build a strong root system. Once established, lessen the frequency of application; it is drought tolerant. Yet, protect young plants (or freshly transplanted Majestic Beauty) from weather extremes. Before new growth emerges in the spring, apply a general-purpose fertilizer to the soil since winter is the best time to prune.

Quick Facts
Origin America
Scientific Name Olea Europaea ‘Monher’
Family Oleaceae
Tree Type Non-Fruiting Specimen
Common Names The Olive Tree, Monher, Olea Europaea, Majestic Beauty
Height (Insert)
Toxicity Non-Toxic
Light Full Sun
Watering Drought-Tolerant
Soil Well-Drained-Nutrient Poor Soil
Hardiness Hardy Down 20 to 30°F
Foliage Gray-Green
Growth Slow Rounded
Olive Oil None

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