Renting Olive Trees

rentThe answer to a very popular and ever more common question concerning olive trees – “Should I rent or buy?” -is an unequivocal… “It depends!”

Permit us to explain by presenting several scenarios:

For the Event Planner

You have been selected to prepare an outdoor arena or similar area for a yearly festival, a company picnic, or community gathering and are at wit’s end to develop something unique that will be appreciated by all in attendance.After much thought and late night meetings with your compatriots it has been decided a “Mediterranean” theme is the best choice. You’ve found the right tables, decorative accessories, fountains, and entertainment but something is missing: you need the olive tree!

For the Residential Landscape

The decision on what type of tree to place in that special area of a landscape is often filled with considerable agonizing sessions. The remedy many home owners have taken to help ease the burden is renting olive trees for 2-4 weeks at a stretch. Renting an olive tree gives the family an opportunity to actually experience how a tree will resonate with the site’s design characteristics. In addition you will be able to receive feedback from friends and associates about ideas you may never have envisioned beforehand.

For Developers

With the downturn in the real estate market it is becoming more difficult to sell real estate which until recently stimulated bidding wars. An often overlooked strategy to distinguish your property from the competition is through the use of a unique tree placed in a manner that will capture a visitors’ attention. An excellent choice is the mature olive tree, hence its reemergence in popularity among both homeowners and producers. The food industry is heavily encouraging people to use olive oil because of the health benefits, and there is nothing quite as gratifying as presenting your guests with olives or olive oil produced by a homeowner’s very own olive trees.

Confidence in choosing the correct tree for your project is essential; please give us a call to schedule an appointment to visit the Olive Tree Farm today and discover for yourself how an olive tree can enhance events, landscape, or commercial property.



* Note about shipping costs: Our main nursery is in Sonoma, California, but we also have grow grounds in Oregon and Northern California. Shipping rates will vary depending on tree variety and farm location. Contact us at 707-732-6152 to get a quote.